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Amēaleigh | Unicorn baby photo shoot

Amēaleigh  |  Unicorn baby photo shoot

“1% is better than no percent were his exact words, so carry on we did! Every day every night we called upon our ancestors our tupuna our loved ones who had passed to help us, guide us through our journey. We prayed, we cried, we laughed and we cried so more. Then came our egg collection day! The most scariest day ever!! Put under the gas and away they went!

We will forever be great full for our surrogate, it takes an amazing women to offer to do this for us. I hope we get that chance to share our joy. Thank you for reading our journey.”

Smiling cows and snuggly bears | Te Awamutu newborn photographer

Smiling cows and snuggly bears  |  Te Awamutu newborn photographer

Did you know that when you book a newborn photography session with me, whether in my Te Awamutu photography studio or at your own home, we plan EVERYTHING to be perfect for your family and your home? The colours, the styles, the overall feel, the props… If you've seen cute photos you like, and wonder who came up with the ideas and colours for them, the answer is simple - we do it together!

Zachary's 1st year | A photo a day project

Zachary's 1st year  |  A photo a day project

Life happens. Remember when you thought that you’d have hours to spend gazing at your baby, playing peekaboo and gurgling to each other, while your house gleamed with cleanliness and your dinner roasted in the oven? How did that work out for you?!

It is easy to let the moments slip away while you are busy just getting by. You realise a couple of weeks have gone by and you haven’t taken a single photo. Then you try to make up for it, and take 50 photos of her in the same spot, doing the same thing.

A photo a day project can be just the push you need to get you out of playing catch up, and into taking the photos that will mean the most to you in twenty years' time.

Jed & Nash | Newborn twins photo shoot, Cambridge NZ

Jed & Nash  |  Newborn twins photo shoot, Cambridge NZ

This family won their newborn photo shoot in my New Year Newborn competition. They wrote such a heartfelt entry themselves, and also had so many of their friends and family submit an entry on their behalf. This entry from one of their close friends sums up why they were chosen and what a wonderful family they are better than I could say myself!

Shekinah | Auckland newborn photographer

Shekinah | Auckland newborn photographer

Shekinah's parents knew from when they first met and fell in love that they wanted to build a family. Then came a long stretch of getting their hopes up, only to have them crashing down again with one negative pregnancy test after another. Month after month brought frustration, hopelessness and despair. They wondered if their dreams would ever come true – and then, finally, the test showed what they had been hoping and praying for! They wanted to have these photos of Shekinah as a newborn to remind them how much she was worth the wait.