You never knew you could love someone this much.

The first couple of weeks with a newborn whiz by in a tangled blur of exhaustion, overwhelm, and impossibly sweet moments of feeling like your heart no longer quite fits just in your own body. 

Take a step back from the overwhelm, and spend some time completely focused on how perfect your baby is and how much they flood your heart with love.  

See those teeny tiny fingers and toes. The little chest rising and falling with each breath. Perfect dark eyelashes resting on perfectly smooth cheeks. Feel the warmth snuggled against your chest, the hot, heavy weight of the little body that tucks against yours and makes you both feel complete. 

You thought you knew what love was before. That was a drop in the ocean compared to this. 

Drink it in. You made this little life.

You knew it was a miracle, but now it's YOUR miracle. Life - and you - will never be the same again. 

Let us capture that feeling for you to relive forever. Make your walls and your heart happy.

You'll walk away with some beautiful photos, but your experience is about much more than just that.

You'll fall in love more than you ever thought possible during your photo shoot.

You'll fall in love even more when you first see your photos. (Expect to cry at the experience!)

And every time you see your photos again, taking pride of place on your wall, you'll be transported right back to that place and those feelings, and

you'll fall in love all over again.


During your photo shoot

Your job

Take a break from the exhausting job of parenting a newborn and spend some time falling in love with this new life. You'll probably need to spend some time feeding - just like life in general with a newborn, feeding is a big part of a newborn photo shoot - but the rest of the time you we'll do all the hard work for you.

Just drink in the moment. Take notice of how tiny your baby is. Breath them in. Study all the tiny details. Watch them tucked up on the beanbag like they used to be in your womb, and you will find yourself filled with more love than you ever thought was possible.

Dig through my stash of wraps and blankets and headbands, and daydream about how we can create the perfect photo that will immortalise this feeling forever.

Damien 08.jpg

Our job

We'll do all the hard work! We'll rock and shush and wrap and do whatever it takes to help your baby drift off to sleep. We'll snuggle them into the poses that show them off to their full perfection. We'll help you choose accessories that will complement them (we're all about using accessories to add a special touch to your already perfect baby, not making the props the star of the show).

If you don't have tears in your eyes and your heart melting into a big soggy puddle on the floor during your photo shoot, then we aren't doing our job properly! We'll help you feel like THIS is the moment you want to remember forever.

If things don't seem to be going to plan during your photo shoot, and your baby is restless and unsettled, just relax and trust that we've seen it ALL before! I've had three refluxy/colicky babies of my own and photographed countless others. I promise that your baby is a breeze in comparison! We'll deal with the pees and the poo explosions for a few hours, while you sit back and smile at just how much your life has changed!


Seeing your photos and creating your wall art

Expect to laugh out loud, to cry, and to fall head over heels in love with your baby all over again.

You've already been through the experience of taking this time out with your baby and seeing why you love them so much. Now you get to see all those feelings frozen in time to take you back there every day. If seeing your baby’s perfection and the love between you larger than life on the big screen doesn't nearly bring you to tears, then I haven't done my job properly!



I only take a very limited number of newborn sessions (3-4 a month), so I really recommend getting in touch with me as early as you can. Newborn sessions are best booked while you are pregnant, using a tentative date based on your due date. Once your baby arrives we book in a definite date that will work for both of us.

If your baby has already been born and you are hoping to arrange a session, give me a call and we will see what we can work out. You never know, you may be in luck!

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