Jed & Nash | Newborn twins photo shoot, Cambridge NZ

The specs

Newborn studio photography session at the family’s home in Cambridge



The family

This family won their newborn photo shoot in my New Year Newborn competition. They wrote such a heartfelt entry themselves, and also had so many of their friends and family submit an entry on their behalf. This entry from one of their close friends sums up why they were chosen and what a wonderful family they are better than I could say myself!

"I know that these two deserve to win this competition for more reasons than I can count, but one reason in particular stands out for me. Renee and I have been best friends ever since we first met on our very first day of beauty school, back in 2010. We sat next to each other, and were instant friends, mainly because we both loved the industry (and continue to work in it to this day!). Renee is the most amazing person, and I count myself incredibly lucky to be her friend, but she and Ross have gone over and above for us so many times. The most memorable time was on my wedding day, almost three years ago. As long as I have known her, Renee has always told me how much she looked forward to being a mother. She nannied for so many children, who absolutely love her. So naturally, I was over the moon when she told me that they were expecting their first baby! It didn't bother her that she was going to be a pregnant bridesmaid, and I was so looking forward to celebrating with her. That came crashing down very quickly. The night before the wedding, she called to say that she was having a miscarriage, but there was no way she or Ross were going to miss the wedding (despite my insistence!). Not only did she show up, she did our makeup on the day, put a smile on her face and grinned through what I know was the most horrific experience of her life. You would never have known what was going on. Now she has a beautiful little one year old boy, who is absolutely loved and adored by both of them, and is now expecting identical twins! I truly believe the universe has given back to her what she so cruelly lost that day, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them all. I believe that this family is the most deserving, for all the love, laughter and support they have been for us, this is the least I can do for them! Please, pick Renee and Ross. They are exactly what the world needs and we love them so much!"



The design brief

Neutral and simple – and also featuring some cute teenage mutant ninja turtle outfits! The twins’ nursery is being decorated with a teenage mutant ninja turtle theme, so Renee picked up these gorgeous outfits to feature in their photo shoot. (Cutest TMNT gang ever, huh?!)



The artwork

This five piece canvas wall gallery is the feature from their photo shoot - perfect for the big wall over the couch in their living room.



The session

The soundtrack through most of this newborn photo shoot was me squeaking with excitement, trying to contain myself with how ridiculously adorable these three boys were!

It was a logistical puzzle getting my jumbo beanbag and all my equipment to the family’s home for our photography session (usually I take a smaller travel beanbag, but with the twins both needing to fit, the full size one was the safest option for this photo shoot). Once we got set up after two trips over two days, though, this photo shoot was a dream! The twins slept and slept, waking briefly now and then for a quick bottle before drifting off to sleep again.

Sibling photos are almost always some of my favourites in newborn photo shoots. The photos of this adoring big brother with his new little babies are just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!

I can only imagine how busy life is going to be for this family as the twins get older, but how much fun are these three going to have together?! All the love, laughter and happiness will be worth every single sleep-deprived moment!



The quote

“I would love some photos of them snugged up together really showing the bond that twins have. Also to remind them when they're older how cute they were and how much they actually love each other!”



Pretty much the cutest thing ever, right?! If you aren't quite done with your dose of newborn cuteness yet, pop over to this gallery for some more beautiful babies!