Kyrie | Hamilton family photographer

The specs

6 month old photo shoot and family photo shoot in my Te Awamutu photography studio



The family

“I just fall in love with him even more every time I see them together.” Kyrie’s mum told me during our planning consultation about the incredible bond between Kyrie and her dad. It was obvious from the moment the three of them walked into my studio that their whole family is filled with so much love, laughter and happiness. Each of her parent’s faces would light up every time they looked at Kyrie – and at each other. Kyrie's face did the same when she caught their eyes.

I loved listening to Kyrie’s parents describe each other. “He’s my best friend. We never have a dull moment, we always have something to talk about. He’s helped me chill out, I love him for that. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with her during the day, I’m glad it’s him.”

I was excited to meet Kyrie just from her mum’s adoring description of her. Calm, content and happy; always alert and interested in everything around her; the biggest, brightest eyes, and incredible, long eyelashes. In person, she was every bit as beautiful as her description, inside and out!



The design brief

Plain white backdrops to show off Kyrie’s dark features and highlight her eyes. We wanted to keep the backgrounds and clothing light and simple, so that the full focus would be on the family’s connection and on this beautiful little girl.



The artwork

Kyrie’s family knew they wanted a wall gallery of their photos. Their current home isn’t their long term one, so we needed to create something that would work in whatever their future home ended up being.

The ‘Perfect Fit’ gallery was the perfect solution. Tall and narrow, it can fit even on a tiny wall or awkward corner, but it still has plenty of space to tell a story across five photos.

We also created a crystal and leather photo album to squeeze in all the other sides of Kyrie’s bubbly personality that couldn’t fit on the wall!



The session

SO MUCH FUN! Kyrie charmed her way through her whole photo shoot. She smiled. She giggled. She gazed straight down my camera lens with those incredible eyes. She did her best sitting up, and waved and laughed at the camera. She snuggled in with mum and dad for some heart-melting family moments.

The only downside of this photo shoot was falling in love so many photos that I hardly knew where to start with my editing!



The quote

“She’s just the happiest baby we’ve ever met! She’s always interested and alert and so happy.”


Thinking about getting some family photos of your own? I'm happy to help with any questions you have, big or small. Just let me know!