Family Fun | Cambridge Family Photographer

The specs

Family studio photography session at my Te Awamutu photography studio



The family

I first met Jake when he was a young baby and I was still wrapping my head around being a mum to my own little baby. Our boys were Space buddies, and his mum and I got to know each other during our weekly Space catch ups while bumbling our way along this parenting journey together. (Shoutout to the awesome program that is Space! If you haven’t heard of it before, find out more about it here.)

Jake has grown up into a happy, cheeky little boy, and a loving big brother to his little bro. It was so much fun getting to work with the whole family together and seeing the love and laughs that they share.



The design brief

The family had some photographs taken when Jake was not quite a year old. We wanted to create a similar look and feel for this photo shoot so that the printed artwork from both sessions would match. We stuck with a plain white backdrop and they chose denim blues for their outfits with a relaxed, casual vibe.



The artwork

To tie in with their artwork from Jake’s infant photo shoot, the family wanted a framed photograph of the whole family together to hang on their walls, as well as one of each of the boys.



The session

Hugs, laughter, happiness, and big, blue eyes! I don’t need to describe the love between these family members – you can see for yourself in their photos!



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