Madison | Otorohanga newborn photography

“What if my baby won’t sleep?!”

Parents often ask me what will happen if their baby won’t sleep during their photography session. Some babies fall asleep so easily and others fight sleep with their whole being, even during their first few days. (My son was one of those – I can relate very well!!)

This blog post is dedicated to those parents!

Baby Madison was the sweetest, most perfect little girl, with a smile that could melt anyone. We got some beautiful photos during her newborn studio session that perfectly capture how tiny and delicate she was, and the incredible love her parents have for her. And in every single one of those photos, she is wide awake!

I have lots of techniques for settling fussy babies, and most babies will sleep for at least some of their session. Parents are often surprised when their normally unsettled baby snuggles up and sleeps through most of their photography session! There are definitely some babies though who just don’t like being tucked up and posed, and others who are only content sleeping if they can be in someone’s arms. This doesn’t mean we can’t capture stunning photos of your baby that you will take you straight back to the magic of becoming a parent every time you see them.

Wraps, baskets, and snuggles with mum and dad are perfect for keeping your baby content and happy, even when they are wide awake. We might not be able to get some of the tucked up sleepy poses you will see in some newborn photo shoots, but there are so many adorable poses that work perfectly for wide awake, wriggly babies. This session with baby Madison is a great showcase of the photos we can get even if your baby won’t settle to sleep.

At the end of our session we had a visit from Madison’s twin cousins so that the three could have some photos together. We couldn’t resist capturing a few photos of these bubbly twins on their own while Madison was having a top up feed, before getting some photos of these adoring big cousins with their newest family member.

Enjoy the gallery, and check out that heart-melting smile!



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