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About Me


About Me


A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it

- Edward Steichen


MY Mission

“He is so alert!”

“He’s been here before.”

“He’s an old soul.”

These comments started before we’d even made it home from the birth centre with our newborn son. And continued from just about every person who has ever met him since. When he is wide awake and alert at 3am, trust me, this doesn’t always feel like a good thing!! He barely slept during his first few weeks and months. I was nearly delirious with tiredness, my clothing decorated with second hand milk (or worse!), and battling rollercoaster hormones.

But his uncanny ability to look right into your eyes and make you feel like he is evaluating your soul is one of the traits I love most about my little boy. When I looked into those eyes every exhausting moment felt worthwhile. I love that I have photos that take me straight back to those moments and remind me why being a mum is the absolute best job in the world.

I want to help you remember the magic of being a parent.

In the middle of the lost shoes, spilt cereal and homework battles, I want to help you take a breath and remember how much you love your family. Gorgeous photos on your walls can pick you up on the tears and tantrums days, perfect the merit awards and milestones days, and make your children grow up feeling loved and cherished.

You don’t want to decorate your home just with memories – you want them to also look amazing and match your décor.

My mission is to turn your favourite memories into works of art that will make you smile every day.


My Approach

My photography style is clean, simple and personal. 

I take the time to connect with your children and get to know them a little, so that I can encourage their true personalities to shine through in the end result.

I love to use colour to enhance the feel of an image, whether it be soft neutral tones with a delicate newborn, the golden evening light to capture that endless summer feel, or simple black and white to put the focus solely on the emotion of the moment.


My Background

Photography runs in my blood. I have great memories of developing photos in my father’s darkroom and playing hide-and-seek in his photography studio as a kid. My life has been filled with photos and photography for as long as I can remember.

My first love was landscape and travel photography, and the thrill of trying to capture the magic and sheer beauty of nature.  I bring this same approach to photographing children.  I love to capture the perfect moment – not just the superficial details, but the mood and emotions that can transport you back to the time and place. 

That buzz I get when I click the shutter - I love to see it reflected in others when they see the final images.

When I am not running around after my son or capturing, editing, planning and dreaming photographs, I love exploring new places and being outdoors. Tracking polar bears in the Hudson Bay; hiking sand dunes in the sweltering heat of Death Valley; nostrils instantly freezing on a glittering snowy day in Alberta; steamy evenings in bustling city streets surrounded by honking motorbikes and chanting street vendors; or scuba diving in the Indian Ocean after a morning breathing in fresh spices and body odour in the village market in Zanzibar. I love that travel is made up of moments that are over so quickly but change you forever.

These days I am more likely to be found listening to the waves crashing on the beach and digging my toes into the sand at Raglan, or chatting to our sheep and chooks with my boisterous little boy. I still have a long bucket list to tackle some day, but for now the moments I want to freeze in time are a little closer to home. I wouldn’t change it for the world!


My Studio

My studio is based at our family home in Te Awamutu. Everything is set up for children and babies. We have toys and books, lots of fun props, and plenty of space for older siblings to spread out to during newborn shoots. You are welcome to sit down, relax, and put your feet up while I photograph your baby or children.

For sessions with toddlers or older children, our property includes a hilly paddock which has some great spots for outdoor photos.  You are welcome to use it to get a combination of indoor and outdoor shots for your session – just ask!

Lifestyle session fees include travel to most of Hamilton, as well as Cambridge, Tamahere, Matangi, Ohaupo, Pirongia, Kihikihi, Otorohanga, and a range of rural areas across the Waikato.  I am happy to travel further, including Raglan and other coastal locations, for an extra cost.


Want to find out more? Check out some more information on my sessions for newborns or children, or drop me a note and let me know what I can do for you.